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Commercial property for sale

The recent news on the announcement made regarding the policy involving the cooling measures have made many investors in the property industry who are actively for many years and adversely affects commercial properties for sale. The investors do feel the pinch as the price of the high end property definitely rose up as compared to over the years.

The effect that could be instantly detected is the potential of effect on the new property taxes in Singapore. It might apply pressure on the holding cost of commercial properties for sale.

Property taxes on luxury property in Singapore could result to increasing to up to 20% depending on the type and usability of the property that is being targeted for. Regardless to the circumstances of the policy newly made, the cooling measures would not dampen the buyers’ interest and the number of demand for such properties. Given the fact, there are so many prospects in business mindset incorporating such property. Instead, the property tax would just be seen as an extra investment made on the property.

The investors would professionally view it as a fair policy to buy commercial properties for sale in Singapore. As the recent increase of property tax was implemented few days after Hong Kong announced a similar announcement.

This definitely creates healthy competition for the investors and some see it as a challenge despite thinking twice on not only the cost of the commercial properties for sale but as well as the cost involved in setting up the business and the profit achieved in the long run.
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